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A Taste of Kink

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The texture of the leather blindfold sparks memories

of childhood, motorcycles and latent sexuality. Your heightened senses note the stilettoed steps of a woman approaching. Your nostrils fill with scents unfamiliar and enticing, and your whole body stiffens as you sense her stop and regard you.

You've finally allowed yourself to explore your fantasies. You've freed your mind from restraint. You've agreed to submit to another.

“Present yourself,” a firm voice commands.

Your mind scrambles to remember the position, as your body slips into it without hesitation. On your knees, hands locked behind your neck, ankles crossed. Head held high but eyes looking down to the floor, mouth slightly open.

You feel the heat of the woman's body as she approaches you slowly, the soft click of her heels makes your cock twitch with each step. She moves closer until you feel pressure on your raised arm. She begins to sniff your underarms, your neck, touch your open lips with her fingers and pull them apart roughly. You think you can almost smell Her pussy, but realise you are imagining it. You can only smell your own nervous sweat.

“You will call me Mistress when addressing me, and if I remove your blindfold, you will not look me in the eyes, your gaze will remain downcast. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” you murmur, as your heartbeat increases.

“Speak clearly and properly slut,” She commands.

You snap your head up and speak loudly, “Yes Mistress!”

“I have inspected you and you seem fit to come into the Interrogation Room.” Her husky voice penetrates your ear, luring you into a whole other world of eroticism. She grabs your arm and pulls you to sit down on a cold steel chair.

Your memory is catapulted to that time when your hot muscle-bound gym teacher slammed you down on that cold bathroom bench one winter, and interrogated you about your naughty thoughts and desires. It was a steaming few moments that didn’t lead to anything, your invitation for him to join you in a threesome with your older girlfriend, declined. Your fantasies, unfulfilled.

As your awareness drifts back to the room, you discover your Mistress has successfully bound your wrists to the chair and fit a dog collar around your neck with a chain clipped to a metal ring in the wall. Fuck. What is going on?! Your erection is standing at full attention, ready to play.

You undergo the interrogation of a hedonist spy and depending on the sins you confess, your Mistress prescribes her punishment. You willingly comply to each, from giving her a foot massage to oral servitude, to receiving 20 lashes. You enjoy how close you are to this powerful skilled matriarch; you realise how privileged you are to have Her attention in every moment. You submit to Her your mind. You give Her control over your body. She decides if you ejaculate or not.

As She removes the blindfold, your eyes are grainy and the room is grey. It takes a few minutes before you adjust to the light and you see the magnificence before you. Your Mistress in her corset and stockings standing by the window, white lace falling to her knees, silver studded stilettos. Viewing her silhouette against the setting sun, you sense the timeless quality of this particular game.

Through your service to Mistress you relinquish your identity, you are simply the slave.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give your body and mind to a Mistress? Are you curious about bondage/being tied up? Does a hidden part of you like dressing up and playing different characters?

When you have a roleplay fantasy that just won’t go away, you may need to seek a professional to help you. Touch of Justine is here for full fantasy provision, consensual with absolutely no strings attached. I provide a taster of roleplay and light fun exploration of the roles of dominance and submission.

The Kinky Taster is a basic introduction to roleplay for beginners and the curious adventurer.

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