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Bangkok Musings

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I'm snuggled on the lounge in Australia and fantasizing.... We‘re in Sukumvit Bangkok on the rooftop of our hotel, it’s midday, too humid to do anything else but lie around the pool enjoying a few cocktails. It’s time to check out the bronzed bodies and fix our tans.

“He’s cute,” I hear a husky voice. I can’t see who she is talking about, because there is a spectrum of people before us, dancing, drinking and swimming.

I scan the crowd and think “Not that guy there?“ I see a tanned European man wearing tight white lycra shorts. I can’t really see him, he looks built, not cut yet muscular.

“He wants to fuck me,” she said.

I was curious, “How can you tell that from here?”

“Women can tell these things,” she said.

How though?

“I’m not a slut!” she gives me with a cheeky smile. I start to get really turned on thinking, “I wonder where this is going, I wonder what brought this on… she’s a bit loose, we’re on holiday, no kids.”

Sure we have watched a bit of three way porn, we have talked about threesomes before, I know she likes the idea of two cocks…in theory.

She likes the idea....

“Do you want me to go invite him for a drink?” I offer generously.

She stands up straight and says, “No I think I should do that,” with a light touch of her decollage and a stroke of her brunette hair.

She wanders over to the bar and when I look over, I see they’re chatting. OMG this is hot, I’m fantasizing about scenarios and then practical things like condoms. Luckily there is a pharmacy on the first floor.

I can see a few touches, a bit of flirting, he moves a bit closer, she doesn’t move away.

So I’m thinking, he would’ve seen me….

When she comes back I notice a little smile I hadn’t seen before, just a little one.

“So?” I was impatient.

“Well he’s interested, are you alright with this? The only thing is he’s bi…I mean it doesn’t’ matter, he said he wouldn’t insist, but if you down with it….

I feel a bit challenged, I don’t know about that. Aside for a few teenage fumblings, I haven’t engaged in that for years, but when I think about how hot is would be to see my wife fucked by this man… I start thinking about maybe I’d suck his cock, for fun.

I’m trying to see through his wet swimmers clinging to his torso, to gauge a curve. I have some trepidation gazing in this way, next minute I find myself wondering if he’s a top or a bottom!

I'm hard thinking about, I mean fuck we’ve been married for 20 years, it’s about time, we need a bit of variety in our lives.

She approaches him, walks back and he looks me straight in the eyes and shakes my hand.

“My name is Leon, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I’m suddenly seeing us all in the lift together, we’re like half naked, it’s steamy and sticky in Bangkok, its uncomfortable and exciting. He seems very relaxed, he’s done this before but we haven’t. I feel the charge and the anticipation.

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