Joining the Mile High Club

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I just make it in time to the gate for my flight to Vientiane, Laos on Thai Airways. I have 5 minutes to collect myself, breathe and mentally prepare for the trip. I was hot under the collar, I had fancied wearing my fishnets, favourite stilettos and a subtle blue leather collar today. Woah it made me horny. I had been fantasizing about this flight for months!

I find flying an elation. I feel powerful when I can see so far above the clouds. I feel like the pilots and the crew are there, completely, at my service. Boarding the flight, my attention is pulled into the cockpit because the door is open and I have to stop in the queue right there.

I see a fine yet muscular arm and a tanned hand with a silver ring glinting in the broad LED panel of lights.

Is it a woman? my minds races. In my fantasies, a hot dyke pilot spies on me when I’m sleeping and she leaves a note tucked in my bra to come to the cockpit when I wake.

“Miss, your ticket?” OMG there’s a lady asking me something and I’m standing there with my mouth hanging open, gawking into the cockpit ;-) I fumble in my jacket pocket.

“Umm yep this one,” showing her my phone screen.

“Thankyou, welcome to Thai Airways Ma’am. 4C 4 rows on the right,” she purrs, smiling at me. Oh that’s right I’m First Class for a change, she should be purring (my sugar Daddy has paid for this trip to improve my cultural education).

I cast my gaze around the cabin, sparsely populated tonight, so I can spot the crew easily. A very well-dressed cute Head Steward approaches.

“Allow me to help you with your bag Ma’am,” his face is genial, welcoming and I immediately want to kiss it.

Man they’re all hot here, what is going on? Am I imagining it, is it the mescal I downed at home, or am I just horny?

He stows my case and I slide into my seat, resisting my natural urges… but capturing a visual snapshot of his whole body as he leans over me to close the hatches. Beautiful ironed suit pants and waistcoat with a badge indicating his rank.

Buckling up, refreshing, dinner and drinks complete, movies on, lights down. At this point, I ninja my way to the cockpit. Head Steward is reading a magazine at the door, top stewardess is down the other end to of the jet, the rest of the crew in the hull resting, OK only have to handle one.

I walk around the cabin three times stretching my legs, doing a bit of yoga along the way and arrive before the boy.

“I’d like to say hi to to the pilot, she’s my friend.”