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Joining the Mile High Club

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I just make it in time to the gate for my flight to Vientiane, Laos on Thai Airways. I have 5 minutes to collect myself, breathe and mentally prepare for the trip. I was hot under the collar, I had fancied wearing my fishnets, favourite stilettos and a subtle blue leather collar today. Woah it made me horny. I had been fantasizing about this flight for months!

I find flying an elation. I feel powerful when I can see so far above the clouds. I feel like the pilots and the crew are there, completely, at my service. Boarding the flight, my attention is pulled into the cockpit because the door is open and I have to stop in the queue right there.

I see a fine yet muscular arm and a tanned hand with a silver ring glinting in the broad LED panel of lights.

Is it a woman? my minds races. In my fantasies, a hot dyke pilot spies on me when I’m sleeping and she leaves a note tucked in my bra to come to the cockpit when I wake.

“Miss, your ticket?” OMG there’s a lady asking me something and I’m standing there with my mouth hanging open, gawking into the cockpit ;-) I fumble in my jacket pocket.

“Umm yep this one,” showing her my phone screen.

“Thankyou, welcome to Thai Airways Ma’am. 4C 4 rows on the right,” she purrs, smiling at me. Oh that’s right I’m First Class for a change, she should be purring (my sugar Daddy has paid for this trip to improve my cultural education).

I cast my gaze around the cabin, sparsely populated tonight, so I can spot the crew easily. A very well-dressed cute Head Steward approaches.

“Allow me to help you with your bag Ma’am,” his face is genial, welcoming and I immediately want to kiss it.

Man they’re all hot here, what is going on? Am I imagining it, is it the mescal I downed at home, or am I just horny?

He stows my case and I slide into my seat, resisting my natural urges… but capturing a visual snapshot of his whole body as he leans over me to close the hatches. Beautiful ironed suit pants and waistcoat with a badge indicating his rank.

Buckling up, refreshing, dinner and drinks complete, movies on, lights down. At this point, I ninja my way to the cockpit. Head Steward is reading a magazine at the door, top stewardess is down the other end to of the jet, the rest of the crew in the hull resting, OK only have to handle one.

I walk around the cabin three times stretching my legs, doing a bit of yoga along the way and arrive before the boy.

“I’d like to say hi to to the pilot, she’s my friend.”

“I’m afraid I can’t allow that, it's company policy.” He looks at me with these beautiful brown eyes that say “I’ll do it though because I’m a slut.”

I get his vibe through the intensity of his gaze on me. His intense eyes penetrate me, I feel naked suddenly and my heart starts to thump. “Give me a blowjob,” he commands, waving his arm at me, and I comply. I want his hands on my head and I tell him this directly. As he strokes my hair, I kneel and undo his pants and take his cock in my mouth, worshipping the masculine until he loses his shit and ejaculates deep in my throat.

I twist and slowly open the door to the cockpit. I start to see all the sticks, knobs and dials, they turn me on, I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the power the pilots have, they have command of our lives in their hands, in their little lights and dials. We have total faith in their training and experience to get us to the destination alive, as we hurtle through the atmosphere.

I want to sit on that stick that keeps us all alive. I duck my head and enter. You wouldn’t believe it, they have rock and roll music playing; we can’t hear it in the cabin when the vacuum door is shut. The Captain turns to look at me, steel grey gaze with a curiosity that makes my pussy pulse, and I promptly close the door.

“What are you doing here, you got past my guard?”

“Yes it wasn’t hard," I lower my head and caress my hip bone, sending the signal that I am bisexual and that I’m ready to play with anyone. She scans me, up and down, and then reaches out.. “Come sit on me here.”

OMG I am actualizing my fantasy…!

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Your blogs are fun. Great to have those fantasies in Asia ! Must be the Chili in the food !

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