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Let's Talk Taboo : Anal Play

Updated: May 19, 2020

Today I have the urge to talk about anal sex. A Big Taboo in Australian culture, although the statistics show that it is an increasingly popular activity. Receiving anal play can be very pleasurable for everyone, men and women alike, when done correctly- following a few guidelines.

For men, the prostate gland is referred to as the "male G spot", which is an area of amazing sensitivity because of the high number of nerves endings around it and in the anal canal.

Consensual anal play can provide sensational pleasure and feelings of deep release; it can allow you to experience surrender combined with a blissful afterglow and is a healthy activity to engage in.

Then, why is it so taboo? Why is it so hard for us to talk about openly?

A study of 1, 500 hetero men in 2016 shows that 22 percent reported a history of insertive anal intercourse (this means with fingers, a toy or strap on, and not necessarily a penis). Meanwhile, 18 percent said they'd received analingus, 27 percent had performed analingus, 28 percent had received anal fingering.

Here, I use anal play and anal sex interchangeably to mean external and insertive simulation, including prostate massage, rimming (oral-anal contact or analingus) and insertion of toys or any form of anal eroticism, really.

If you are home alone or isolated with your partner, there's never been a better time for getting creative and exploring your fantasies and stimulating your imagination!

So what is the allure of heterosexual anal sex?

A survey in New York magazine identified several elements:

  1. Variety. Another way to play.

  2. Deeper Intimacy. To some, it feels more intimate than other types of sex.

  3. Experimentation. We tried it. We liked it.

  4. Forbidden fruit. Anal is taboo, therefore, more exciting.

  5. Domination/submission. It fits well into power dynamic games.

I would add to this list:

6. The dynamic of the penetrating woman ie. the expression of penis envy

The Nexus G Play is a great starter point for men or couples beginning to explore vibrating anal play. It is slimline and sensually shaped to hit the sweet spot for men.

Smooth silicone surface makes it a glide to insert using a quality water-based lubricant. This little baby is USB rechargeable so you don't need to buy batteries.


Have you got cabin fever or need serious stress relief? Book a mishka massage at Touch of Justine. This session is the best of both worlds - therapeutic and erotic expertly woven together.

Experienced anal massage has great health benefits for all genders, including reducing anxiety, dealing with fear of the future (by being present) and releasing chronic tension. But for men with prostates, it has the additional benefits of intensifying their ejaculation and providing G spot orgasms.

"Mishka" is skilled in the art of tease and anal play for men and loves guiding first-timers into the experience with mind blowing results. Level 1 includes prostate massage with one finger.

For more adventurous men, there is Level 2 finishing with Strap on Fun as well, which is a sensational journey into powerful release!

Just want to finish with noting that anal play for straight men has nothing to do with their sexuality. It does not make them gay or bi suddenly. I find it is a normal somatic desire for men to want anal stimulation when aroused, it’s their magnificant G spot after all!

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