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Listen to your Body

It has been such an intense time lately, I’ve taken a break from writing. But today I need to write about an excellent practice for releasing anxiety and connecting to our bodies, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Most people call it masturbation ;-) I call it self-pleasure because it’s more accurate.

A self-pleasure practice where you give yourself quiet (or perhaps noisy) time alone can help restore a sense of connection to life and to eroticism and can balance your emotions….like an erotic meditation.

Why do we have to stay still in meditation? Who says?

We can deal with anxiety by shifting our focus from thinking about what to do, to feeling into our bodies and listening to its wisdom of how to do it. It’s there! We just often don’t stop for long enough or be quiet enough to hear it.

As we often hear these days to “it’s good self-care.” What is your self-care? We can all show ourselves more compassion and acceptance by allowing ourselves to have more pleasure. There is a lot of stress and anxiety in the collective these days, and it’s important to remember that self-pleasure and erotic connection are chemically designed to de-stress us, flush out our system and stimulate the feel good hormones. Essential at this time.

Becoming aware of the movement of your sexual energy and allowing it to move without judgement is like a reboot for the body. It’s refreshing! It refreshes your whole system.

If you want to work with someone else, connection with a professional therapist who is there to support you in your somatic experience can even turn around your negative thinking, lower your anxiety and allow you to feel loved for just being you.

I send out an invitation for you to become aware of your somatic practice when you self-pleasure.

Can you slow down?

Can you breathe more deeply?

Can you feel sensuality in your whole body…the whisper touch of the breeze, the caress of the fabric around you, the support of the bed/chair, the warmth in your feet?

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