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Recently separated? Explore your fantasies and find your mojo!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Single! Yay, right? Well, sort of. After years of comfortable, predictable, often unsatisfying and terribly vanilla sex, you discover that your mojo has gone on strike. You're looking to explore, but 'putting yourself out there' looks like a minefield of confusion and potential pain.

You're not alone! Men and women alike experience this kind of erotic stalemate, especially after leaving long-term relationships. Finding yourself single can be as frightening as it is exciting. You are going to be forced to rediscover who you are, redefine what you want, and perhaps realise in the process that you haven't been sexually fulfilled in a really, really long time.

What you need is to re-engage with your sensuality in a safe, non-judgemental environment, with skilled erotic artists dedicated to awakening you to your entire body. With a fun, experienced companion, you can learn, receive pleasure, and heal in a nurturing taboo-free space.
By connecting in this way with your unique sexual self, you'll discover the potency of your erotic energy and re-establish your sexual confidence.

Services for both men and women are available with the artists at Touch of Justine, and include full body sensual massages, prostate massage for health and increased pleasure, and a bevy of fun options to get you back on the horse!

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