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Riding the Waves of Chaos

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

In a swiftly changing world that is causing us to investigate our core values and find our strength within, I’m enquiring into what is important to me?

We are facing developments in technocracy that are raising the quintessential question, what is freedom?

The external forces of fear and ignorance are swirling like a cyclone

I’m gonna ride the chaos wave, that's the only way out of here

Surfing, twisting, turning, flying, catching minimal chance as it appears

I begin to claim true power in my inner world as I learn to flow with change

What do I need to learn more about? How do I stand in my own circle with confidence and authenticity?

Reclaiming my sexuality…I’ve been pondering what does this mean? I’ve come up with: it means “taking it back” from whomever/whatever I gave it away to at some point! How the hell do I do that?

The Zeitgeist of repression of our primal creative force ~ our sensual expression ~ is all about making sexual stuff bad, criminal and shameful but we can choose to be free from this when we embark on the journey of self-discovery… with an open-minded curious adventurer warrior attitude.

Ultimately, repression of our sexual expression ends up damaging our creativity, we lose hope and then can’t birth new projects or healthy relationships. Yet our primal instinct is to co-create a beautiful life with others in community. Our human instinct is to be connected, to be communicating heart-to-heart and living in peace and harmony.

Why have I agreed to be controlled? Why do I repress my natural desires to be spontaneously alive? I reclaim my free will choice to be who I am, a natural sexual being (within legal guidelines)!

Why do I censor myself when I consider my fantasies and what level of pleasure I deserve? Who is checking up on me?

No one. In the age of totalitarianism and citizen surveillance, I lie here quietly celebrating that the government has not invaded (and never will invade) my bedroom. There is one innate freedom: it is the liberty to access my inner sanctuary, my imagination, my fantasy world, my private pleasures.

“It’s not our fault,” I hear the masses cry! True, the education around human rights, communication, consent, erotica and sexuality has been practically null in Australia. The corrupt media repetitively paints a sordid picture of attraction, addiction and apparent satisfaction. But we sometimes lack the education to really relate intimately in the long-term.

The positive approach is to recognise that help is out there ~ retreats, workshops, sexological bodyworkers, tantric sex workers, intimacy coaches, surrogates and professional venues built to support your exploration and education.

We are here to ride the waves of change and chaos with authenticity and as much impeccability as possible :-)

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