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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Am I curious about a Non-Monogamous lifestyle?

It feels like we have entered a new world, a world where we are looking closely at our core values and making assessments of what we have been told is the truth.

What type of relationships do I want? Can I break out of the social conditioning and allow myself more pleasure and more connection? Can I relate better with those in my immediate environment?

I’m enquiring into what is important to me and one of the things that comes up is

“Can I explore non-monogamy in a safe way?”

Freedom (to me) means that I express myself how I want, I do what I want, so long as I am willing and able to take full responsibility for all of my actions.

This is the question I am asking, “What do I need to learn more about in order to be free of the dualistic attachment-based monogamous model?”

The Zeitgeist of repression of our primal force, our sexual energy, presents sex as bad and shameful. We choose to kill the repression when we embark on the journey of self-discovery with open eyes.

We combat the pressure by becoming curious and inquisitive about things we don’t know about.

Our primal instinct is to co-create life with others. Our human instinct is to be connected, to be communicating heart-to-heart and living in harmonic resonance.

The dance of the Antelope

Feeds on variety, different types of stimulation

There is one innate freedom

our imagination

our fantasy world

the Deer steers us through the maze

of our private thoughts and fantasies

A non-monogamous lifestyle requires a loving, compassionate and brash communication that we have not been taught. In fact, we’ve been trained to beat around the bush and be indirect with our communications. To hide what is truly in our hearts.

If you are curious about non-monogamy, I coach couples and individuals to become more skilled and confidant in their relating.

You can experience the freedom of being honest with your partners and this is the only way that monogamy and non-monogamy truly works.

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