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Where Do I Start with the Prostate?

Today I want to put the male G spot on the table, not literally of course. It has a huge part to play in male sexuality, did you know?

It is the MALE G SPOT. Consider that for a moment. If you are male reading this, think about your ejaculation orgasm intensity and magnify it by five…..that’s a G Spot orgasm. Think about how your girlfriends have the most implosive orgasms when you have massaged the G spot with your fingers or your cock (if you know what you are doing ;-)

If you are female reading this, don’t be scared to do your research or learn somatically with an intimacy coach, and approach your man with “Hey honey, how about a little bum play?” ;-)

You can blow his mind with bum skills… combined with a headjob is definitely the best!

Activating the prostate gives the male body permission to experience a full body orgasm, as women can.

The female G Spot orgasm originates from deep within the body, brewing inside, and can be implosive and then explosive… as it is expressed through the body. The male G spot is not much different.

Prostate massage benefits you in significant ways:

  • It increases blood flow to your prostate and perineal regions

  • It can unlock stagnant energy in the pelvis, hips and gluteals

  • It releases fluids and flushes toxins from your system

  • It switches the nervous system into the parasympathetic mode


Most importantly, prostate massage benefits your sexuality by opening your mind to more possibilities than you may have considered before. Playing in the anal region of the body challenges a strong taboo and it is the process of breaking through shame and finding the pleasure beyond that is so liberating.

G spot massage accesses the emotional centre of our being; we are open and raw at this moment as we surrender to the sensations of being penetrated. It is about receptivity to the moment and allowing energy to flow through the body naturally. It is quite effective for unlocking stuck energy held in the pelvis, when performed with awareness and full presence of both the receiver and the giver.

Mishka massage provides this experience, book either Anastasia or Justine, to educate on the pleasure and health benefits of anal play in a safe space.

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