Qualified in KaHuna Massage - Intimacy Coach & Counsellor

Sexological Bodywork (Institute of Somatic Sexology)

"I am inspired more than anything by witnessing a woman transition into her radiance, like a thousand flowers blooming, as she unfurls into her pleasure."


Certified Sexological Bodyworker Shane offers the beautiful gift of being a somatic communicator, a body whisperer who creates the safest of spaces, providing a combination of counselling and erotic embodiment.


A nurturing and healing experience for women  who yearn to destress, reconnect to their bodies & explore full body touch with a skilled masculine presence. ​


Breathwork - Sexological Bodywork - Sexual Trauma Therapy - Erotic Awakening - Deep Nurturing

Female Taoist Embodiment

Breathwork & Full body bliss

Sexological Bodywork for Women & Men

A somatic enquiry into your erotic pathways or a journey of healing

*3 sessions recommended 



I come from a background of childhood trauma and abuse.

Safety is highly valued for me in order to heal release and let go.

Shane has an amazing way of holding a safe sacred container.


“I highly recommend working with Shane if you desire self love and want to embody a deeper relationship to pleasure and unlock any fears, shame or guilt that you may be holding."

Angela May Zerba

Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of massage and healing. It was the most amazing journey I have ever been on!!! I wish you peace and harmony.

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