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"Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source."
- Anais Nin
Learn how to spark or rekindle your sexual desire, explore your sexuality, or go to new depths with your partner - with a qualified Intimacy Coach
Foxy Justine has been engaging in the field of erotic arts for over a decade. She grew into her role of intimacy coach after many years working as a remedial massage therapist, travelling the country sharing her knowledge of pleasure tools and how to navigate couple dynamics.

Her personal journey has encompassed the study of Anatomy & Physiology, Modern Tantra, Quodoushka, Taoist energy practices, BDSM exploration, the neuroscience of Kink Play and the integration of shamanic ceremony for emotional and sexual healing. 
With respect, reverence, and without judgement, Justine works with couples who want to renew or expand their intimacy, learn how to communicate their needs, and increase their natural erotic connection.

Allow Foxy Justine to guide you on a journey of discovery, and help you connect on a deeper level to peace, passion and pleasure in your relating.


These safe and heart-centred interactive sessions can include:

  •  Somatic Counselling

  • Roleplay & Curious Exploration 

  • Facilitated play-shops

  • Communication & Consent Education

  • Couples Erotic Experiences



My wife and I had our first experience with Justine recently. It was the first time
either of us had entered into this space with our relationship. We were both a
little apprehensive as to what we were looking for and what to expect however
once we came across Justine's website and spoke with her a number of times
over the phone, we were both put at ease.
Justine's professional and caring attitude towards both of us was
comforting and allowed us both to feel like we could relax and enjoy the
experience. At no time did anyone feel pressured or forced into doing something
that they were comfortable with. Justine was so caring and down to earth and
provided a very safe space for my wife and I to experimented for our first  ~ but not  the last ~ time.


I enjoyed my time with you, being the first time with a woman, you made me feel very comfortable on arrival. The massage and how you guided me into a blissful space of acceptance of my body was beautiful, and I loved the quiet time at the end.

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