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Cultivating Desire & Feeding your Hunger

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Activating your imagination and exploring your fantasies are healthy mental practices I recommend. At the core of every desire is a deep-seated need, or hunger, that is desperate to be acknowledged and satisfied.

I have found when I neglect feeding my hunger, I go into a type of depression and I lose my passion for life and gratitude for the beauty that I already have around me. I start to have a bad attitude around allowing myself joy and pleasures. I basically shut down. This is the point where I realise I have to come back to a simple practice of writing down my hungers, pursuing them, and re-engaging with the life-affirming activities that fuel me.

In my personal practice, I am opening to the emotional willingness to listen to my yearnings, and have self-love by following my heart's desires. I listen and then I act, cultivating my desires in all realms of life, and aspiring to express them fully.

This is not only a practice relating to sexual hungers; there are work and personal priorities and hungers as well... although the sexual realm is certainly is the most pleasurable place to start!


It may seem abstract to begin with, but start by jotting down a list of your hungers as they come to you over the next two weeks. Those things that make you go, "Oh, I'd love to do that right now!"~ no matter how illogical, silly or unrealistic they may seem in the moment.

Your heart's desires can be as small as wanting go outside and sit in the sunshine, to be walking on the beach, to wanting to photograph yourself naked, dress up and play out a fantasy... or learn more about something you've always thought was taboo. These desires could also be have a date with a stranger, go skydiving, or simply be quiet with a good book or movie at home.

You can start this practice by getting a piece of paper and listing your hungers as you contemplate. The trick is to learn how to listen, and record on the fly. Record anything that makes your heart jump a little when you imagine it. Write a journal once every week to track your progress.


Then after 2 weeks, start to act on these desires! Be aware of those tiny moments when your heart flutters and says, "Oh, I want that!", and act on it, as soon as you can! These are your heart's desires crying out to be satisfied, and it is important to feed them to stay healthy, motivated and passionate about life.

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