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Freeing Life Force Sexual Energy

When we use the breath to travel beyond skin and muscles, when touch transcends the physical, there is a huge inhale and exhale, a joyous release - a ‘letting go’ on a deep level, and a rejuvenation of the spirit.

Our sexuality is our essential life force energy that resides at the core of our being. All too often this life force and our erotic energies are depleted or locked up. This results not only in a lacklustre love life, but in disease, discontent, depression and major life dissatisfaction.

So how can we learn to generate and run our own sexual energy to improve our health? How do we remove stagnation and blockages and allow it to flow freely throughout our entire body?

Through simple breath-work practices, through learning how to drop out of the mind into the body and beginning the journey of transforming with our body with intimacy, anyone can access their unlimited erotic life force energy and direct it.

Through the integration of the Shamanic Dearmoring and in my own studies of Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality I have been experimenting with sharing my understanding of emotional, spiritual and physical sexuality and how they work in synergy. I now offer specially crafted sessions for both men and women that provide a pathway to your own Erotic Flow.

The "Beyond Pleasure" sessions incorporate sexual energy movement and intimate touch but are not only, or even mainly, about sex. They explore making agreements, exchanging energy, being receptive and focus on being authentic and present as a lover. As one client put it:

"I feel as though I’m on a learning journey and I’m predominantly learning about me. My initial motivation was definitely physical, but my expectations were exceeded and my joie de vivre given a much needed jump start! I started to realise all the resources I need are within me...

Foxy Justine definitely lives up to her name. She is gorgeous, Foxy inside and out. Justine is the whole package!"

Beyond Pleasure is Foxy's offering for those who suspect there is something more to sex than what they have been told. It is a ceremonial experiential space guided by awareness and breath-work, where transformation and education is the goal, not ejaculation. If ejaculation happens, it's fine too but here you have the opportunity to learn how there are many differing types of orgasms that look very different from a hard cock's shaking Earthquake orgasm.

With women, we explore your entire body's potential for sensuality and pleasure and you learn to use breath-work, awareness and presence to build up your erotic energy and nourish your whole being with it. This is the opportunity to learn how to drop out of the mind, focus on your energy movement, be in your Dantien and effectively deal with mental distraction.

Contact Justine for more details about Beyond Pleasure.

Bottom line is our orgasm is designed for our health, that means we need to get going on those orgasms, any type! ~ energetic, physical or spiritual ~ to boost our immune system resilience at these times.

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