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Hugs are not Dangerous

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

HUGS are NOT dangerous. Don’t be fooled by a hoax designed to stifle and kill human connection. Human connection and skin-to-skin touch are essential to our health & wellbeing!

✅ Physical human connection is essential for mental health

✅ Say YES! to intimacy that rejuvenates U & creates connection

✅ Say YES! to sensual touch that BOOSTS your overall health

Did you know that touch, either self-massage or touch with another human, or even patting a dog or a cat, releases oxytocin and dopamine and the release of these hormones is scientifically proven to:

  • Build stress resilience

  • Dampen fear in an uncertain world

  • Increase confidance and courage to continue on your path

  • Give hope and inspiration in a time of challenging factors

  • Boost our immune system so we are better equipped to stay healthy

So when the choice is in front of us of how to tackle obstacles in our way, think smart, go for the light, go for the high road, go for connection.

There is no real need to choose separation.

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