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Intending for 2021

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Well, everyone is saying I hope 2021 is better than 2020! I do not think it will be better, I think it is in a different dimension all together! 2020 demonstrated that human connection is essential to our health and sanity; we need contact with other humans to not go crazy or kill ourselves or each other.

2020 has encouraged us (not so gently in some cases) to look at our values, to rearrange our priorities, to get creative and to enjoy caring for self and family. It has stripped us back to a raw place of realising what is really valuable to us.

It is very important to know that the first Face of Wealth is health, not money! Money is a form of intangible wealth, it can lose its value overnight. What is tangible in our lives is our combined mental, physical and emotional health.

If we don’t have our health, we are restricted in our engagement with life. We have no freedom. Therefore, a positive attitude and a healthy immune system are the keys to freedom, and this means reducing fear, stress and anxiety. A professional erotic massage is the perfect way to deal with chronic stress and/or intimacy anxiety.

Now is the time to set your intent for 2021 - this new year that has so much potential for growth and the manifestation of your deep desires. We must stand in our sovereignty and be loud “I choose intimate human connection and pleasure, not slavery!!”

Intent is about:

o Having an aim, a clear purpose that I am stretching for

o Being determined and resolved

o Being steadfastly fixed

Setting my intention is then using my clear intent to do something, to take small actions.

This is a little exercise I just did to support me to look at something I want to change in my life.

Centre and ground yourself, be in a uninterrupted space, put phone on silent, breath deeply into your belly at least 3 times. Become aware of your body and breath into the pain you feel in your body, ask the pain "what are you wanting to tell me? What arena of my life are you speaking to?"

Feel into the pull towards either Health, Wealth, Relationships or Self. When you have identified an arena, then dive into what specific aspect you want to change and then articulate it, write it down.

Stand in front of the mirror, look at your beautiful self and in a voice of power, state your completed declaration to the reflection.

I take responsibility for transforming (my unbalanced pattern) into (new productive pattern).

I am (your intent fulfilled)…..

To give you an example, because it may seem all a bit far out:

I take responsibility for transforming my co-dependant tendency of persecuting my partner (intimate or business) into proper listening and challenging each other in a supportive manner.

I am supporting my partner with intimacy and tenderness.


I’m feeling a bit “inspirational leader” clearly as the new dawn approaches. Deep stuff.

If you are a couple, this session helps you connect in safety and speak about procreative patterns in your relationship:

If you are solo, this session connects your natural erotic nature and you learn how to direct your orgasmic energy towards your intending:

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