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Preparation for my First Mistress

Updated: Jul 14, 2020


Here is the story of a man whose name remains a mystery. He wrote this report after his first experience with a Mistress, driven by a desire for fun, out of curiousity. He found so much more than what he was first seeking.

“I was instructed by the Mistress to remove my hair so I prepared my body to an extent where I thought to myself "Wow any less hair and I could be pushed straight back into my mother’s womb.

Preparing my body was not the only request by Mistress… I also had to wear a loincloth, plus presenting Her with offerings.

First of all I had no idea what a loincloth was, secondly coming up with a type of offering that would please Her really made me think twice about the whole endeavour.

Then a little colourful bird on the windowsill caught my eye.

That’s when I realized if that little creature can fly thousands of miles to be in a warmer country I am certainly capable of stepping a couple of inches out of my comfort zone to extend my horizon.

"The theme of the night was that I have been captured by Mistress’ soldiers and brought to Her. I arrived at the scene and entered on my knees and hands with my eyes lowered as instructed. I was so scared I had cold sweats and I was shaking.

We began with a thorough inspection of my trembling body.

Lucky for me She liked it ;)

I stayed passive during the entire scene. Then She used handcuffs, blindfolded me and tied my to the bed. That’s where the real "fun" started.

I was introduced to Miss Cane and boy I got to tell you, you don’t mess around with Her.

In the end I was pleasantly surprised that I held up pretty well for a beginner, but only God knows what Mistress has in mind if She decides to see me again.”


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