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How to Start Enjoying Somatic Awareness

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

What do we do when we are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed and angry? Do you have a somatic practise that helps you to experience the feelings so they can move?

Often we reach for the quick fix, or the substance that numbs, or we try to run away from ourselves with various methods, instead of sitting with the body’s sensation and being OK with feeling the sensations. Sometimes we stay still – stuck immobile in emotion - instead of engaging in activities or movements that get energy moving through our bodies.

I have heard that I can learn through pleasure and knowledge, instead of learning through pain and suffering. I want that! But I need to learn more about my body, what is important to me, what I like and how to communicate my desires, I wonder if intimacy coaching could support me in this learning?

One way I am learning to deal with anxiety is by shifting my focus from the unknown future, to feeling into my body and listening to its innate wisdom of how to do the next step. It’s there! But I often don’t stop for long enough to be quiet and open to hear that voice of intuition that speaks from my belly. When I do stop, breathe and drop my mind into my body, I listen for that voice of assurance that says “You know the next step”.

What is somatic awareness?

Somatic means “of the body”, so simply it is awareness of what is happening in your body, instead of what is going on in your mind.

Somatic awareness starts with the breath. Connect to the ease of your breath, enjoy how it fills your belly and allows you to become aware of your Dantien - the centre of gravity of the human body – 2 or 3 finger widths below the navel. Breathe into your Dantien until you can feel your energy descending. Then draw your awareness to your genitals and perineum and start to squeeze the pelvic floor muscles as you inhale, relax them as you exhale.

Don’t forget that self-pleasure and erotic connection are chemically designed to de-stress us, flush out our system and stimulate the feel-good hormones. This helps us deal with stress, anxiety and frustration.

Becoming aware of the movement of your sexual energy and allowing it to move without judgement is like a reboot for the body and spirit! It’s refreshing! If you want to work with someone else, connection with a professional erotic artist who is available to support you in your somatic experience can turn around negative thinking and allow you to feel loved for just being you, where you are at right now.


Can you slow down? Can you pause and breathe more deeply during the day?

Can you feel sensuality in your whole body? Can you hear the whisper of the wind as it touches your ears…feel the caress of the fabric on your skin?

Can you connect to the subtle sensations…like when you don’t wear underwear and you feel the breeze on your pussy through your skirt as you walk down the street?

Can you feel the support of the bed or chair underneath you… can you feel the warmth in your feet?

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