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How can I spice up my relationship? 20 sex ideas you must try!

In every long term relationship there can come a time when things in the bedroom get... well, let's just say a little dull! The routine of life, kids, work... and even your sex life can become monotonous... especially after years of marriage. The butterflies fade and whilst you still really love your partner, things in the bedroom just aren't exciting as they once were!

Well, have no fear, there are always ways to spice up your sex life and new things to try (20 in fact are below 😉). But before you start trying out new things, you may be wondering how exactly can i communicate this to my partner? Or, what is the best way to communicate it to them so you have them screaming..."Yes, I want In!"? Well, first things first, it's important to communicate openly with your partner. It's important to explore and clarify what "feel's stuck". Approach your partner when you are in a relaxed environment, such as whilst your lying in bed or cuddling on the couch, so the conversation feels low pressure and free of blaming.

Try voicing your ideas like this, "You know, I've been contemplating the thrill we might find in experimenting with handcuffs. What are your thoughts?" Once you've introduced the idea, work towards a mutual agreement on stepping out of your comfort zone. This could mean venturing beyond the confines of the bedroom, exploring uncharted territories in the Kama Sutra, or introducing some playful toys into the bedroom.

It's important for your partner to feel safe and comfortable both in the conversation and when trying out your different ideas. The more comfortable one feels, the easier it is for them to access different parts of themselves in the bedroom and to explore different pleasure areas.

So, if your wondering how can I spice up my relationship?! Well, this is where I come in. Below are 20 naughty but nice sex ideas you must try... these ideas are so naughty that they will help you spice up you love life, even if it doesn't need spicing up 😉

  1. The Element of Surprise: Let's kick things off with a little unpredictability. Arrange a surprise date, show up in sexy lingerie, give them an unexpected gift, or even send a naughty text out of the blue. Keep them on their toes - the anticipation alone can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

  2. Explore Erotica: The brain is often touted as the most potent sexual organ, so why not stimulate it? Reading or watching erotic material together can open a whole new world of fantasies and ideas to try.

  3. The Art of Sexting: Let's face it, modern couples need modern solutions. Sexting is a fun, flirty way to keep the spark alive, especially during the day when you're both busy with other tasks.

  4. Try New Positions: Monotony, begone! Mixing up sexual positions can make intimacy feel fresh and exciting. Consult the Kama Sutra, or check out some modern position guides - who knows what new favorites you'll discover?

  5. Focus on Foreplay: Foreplay is often rushed or even skipped entirely, but it's an essential part of sexual intimacy. Take your time, explore each other, and see just how steamy things can get before moving on to the main course.

  6. Introduce Sex Toys: The world of sex toys is vast and exciting. From vibrators to cock rings, there's a toy out there to enhance every sexual experience. Experimenting with these can lead to unexpected, electrifying results.

  7. Role-Playing: Live out your wildest fantasies by stepping into the shoes of different characters. This playful exercise can add an entirely new dimension to your sex life.

  8. Try Sensation Play: Playing with sensations, like temperature (wax or ice, anyone?) or textures, can bring an extra level of excitement and novelty to your intimacy.

  9. Light Bondage: If both of you are game, exploring elements of BDSM, such as blindfolding, light restraints, or gentle spanking, can add a dash of kink to your bedroom escapades.

  10. Experiment with Public Play: While keeping within legal and respectful boundaries, the thrill of potentially getting caught can add an exhilarating edge to your sexual activities and is a fantasy for a lot of people.

  11. Use Aphrodisiacs: From oysters to chocolates, aphrodisiac foods can stir the senses and set the mood for an intimate evening.

  12. Indulge in a Sexy Photoshoot: This one does double duty - creating sensual photos to tease your partner and boosting your confidence.

  13. Dirty Talk: Whispering naughty things into your partner's ear can ramp up the passion. Not sure what to say? There are plenty of resources out there to help you find the words.

  14. Tantric Sex: This ancient practice focuses on building sexual energy and deepening your connection with your partner. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

  15. Massage Each Other: Physical touch is a potent form of intimacy. Whether it's a full-body massage or focusing on certain erogenous zones, this can lead to some seriously sensual moments.

  16. Try Edging: This involves bringing each other close to climax, then pulling back to extend your pleasure. It requires patience but can result in explosive orgasms.

  17. Explore Your Fantasies: Open communication about your sexual fantasies can lead to fulfilling sex sessions. You never know until you ask!

  18. Sexy Challenges or Games: Turn sex into a playful competition with sexy challenges or adult board games. The winner gets a prize, and let's be honest, in this game, everyone's a winner.

  19. Keep Learning and Exploring: The journey to great sex doesn't end. There's always something new to try or learn about each other.

  20. Bring a third party in: Whether we're talking a 3-some or not, brining a third party into the mix can create all types of fun and newness. It could be brining in someone to join you in sex, or it could be a sex therapist who can talk you through new ways to connect more deeply and intimately or show you new tricks in the bedroom.

If you're curious as to how a third party can help you spice things up in the bedroom, give Touch of Justine a call. We love bringing people closer together through sex and physical intimacy. Call us on 0407 013 347 😉

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